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Turn a new page on your publication

PASSION 1 is a mobile native app platform that helps digitally transition your publication to reduce costs, increase advertising revenue, and increase reader engagement with in-app features. Dive deep into your user data to increase readership numbers and retention while displaying clear ROI for your advertisers. Think of PASSION 1 as the mobile digital division of your business.

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who is it for?
  • Publishers


    Turn a new page on your publication by enhancing your content to mobile. Deliver greater value to your readers through engaging content, while obtaining insightful reader data for the publication to reduce churn. Get a quick return on your investment through increased revenue opportunities only available through mobile technologies. All of this without any need for additional overhead.

  • Editors


    Extend your story through mobile with rich media. Embrace the reduction of page count and column length by tailoring your story so that it engages the print reader and invites them to the mobile experience. Each article can be like the ending of a TV series where the viewer is clinging for more and that thirst is quenched by transitioning to your branded mobile app.

  • Revenue creators

    Revenue creators

    Extend your revenue generating offers to mobile with banners, exclusive content, rich media display, geo-located offers, print recognition, iBeacons, and more. Now you can deliver more value to your clients by showing real-time user data on how many people engaged with their ads or content, and even how many readers walked into their location. How you monetize on that is up to you.

  • Circulation


    Transition your circulation to a mobile native app and be able to gather valuable readership data through onboarding. Take advantage of usage data to identify which customers are most likely to churn, and which ones are most engaged.

How it works


Simply provide your logo, rss feed, and let us handle the setup


Add extra modules to heighten the reader experience and increase revenue


Manage your custom app from our easy to use backend

Increase revenue

PASSION 1 mobile digital publishing platform increases revenue potential by creating new methods of generating revenue on mobile. With our marketplace module, publishers can onboard through subscriptions as well as offer to their advertisers mobile based banners ads, geo-location offers, digital classified ads, downloadable rich media and even in-store customer interaction never before possible in the mobile space through iBeacons, print and sound recognition activated content.

Reduce your IT costs

At just a penny per reader, PASSION 1 allows publishers to completely outsource their mobile publication, freeing up valuable internal IT resources. We do all the geeky stuff necessary to keep a best of class iOS and Android application running, while you take advantage of all the features we build on your platform.

Migrate and save

PASSION 1 allows publishers to greatly reduce their printing costs by helping our clients gradually migrate their audience to mobile, taking control of your cost per reader versus cost per print. As readers migrate to mobile, you can reduce page count or eliminate a section completely to maximize the value mobile can offer to your publication.

Interact with your customer

PASSION 1 puts the focus on your reader allowing them 24/7 access and a customized experience with your publication, while still giving the publishers control of the content being delivered. Our mobile digital publishing platform optimizes your content, creates a two way relationship between you and your reader, and ultimately increases reader loyalty. Explore our features section and discover all the tools you have available to interact with your readers.

Stay up to date with the latest industry reports

Sign up to our monthly report on trends and stats delivered to you with easy to read infographics and full page booklets.

Analytics for normal people

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand our analytics tool. Get up to the minute user individual user information, identify potential churn, and supply your clients with valuable performance data. You can show who clicked on the ads, who went into a store through GPS tracking and iBeacon triggers, who interacted with the printed publication using print recognition, and even push content to users based on sound recognition.
"We are getting information on our readership that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago."
Jon Doe, XYZ

Baby got Backend

Our easy to use backend allows for multi user roles, easy management of content, ads, print, sound, and iBeacon triggers. On-board new users with a few clicks and let us do the training with our certification program available online.
"PASSION 1 is a very easy to use platform and the training tools allows for our new staff members to quickly learn how to sell and use the platform for their clients."
Jon Doe, Head of Ad Sales, XYZ publishing

Go to Market Services

We want your digital transition to be a success

Our Knowledge training provides you with valuable best practice tips on how to build your audience free of charge. We also offer professional support with our full performance marketing creative service agency, Passion Communications.

Free employee training

Our free online training tools allows for any new member of the team to quickly learn how to use and sell the platofrm as well as a go to market guide developed by our advertising agency partner.


Our digital transformation consulting services help our customers better comprehend the technology, envision the goals, accelerate & accomplish their vision, while helping them unlock new opportunities through mobile technology. The method involves shifting the internal culture and creating a technology oriented mindset where mobile plays a large role with your product.

Agency services

If your company doesn’t have the internal resources to execute on your go to market strategy, let us do the heavy lifting for you. With our full service agency partner, we can execute your entire marketing campaign tailored to your needs and budget.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your dedicated account manager will be your one point of contact.

Award winning agency support

Our goal is to grow your business and we've won effectiveness awards to prove it.

Pay for performance

Our fees are largely based on performance so when you're successful, we're successful.
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Lorem ipsum about some interns turned conductors, its a thing I swear.

Lorem ipsum about some interns turned conductors, its a thing I swear.

Lorem ipsum about some interns turned conductors, its a thing I swear.

Lorem ipsum about some interns turned conductors, its a thing I swear.

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Everything you need in one mobile app


There is no need for geeky and complicated integration. You can have your app up in a matter of minutes.


Quickly and easily gain subscriptions through mobile and integrate your current database to deliver premium content.


Want to know who exactly is reading your content? Get to know your customers by onboarding them to your database.


Have your brand and content appear and let the PASSION 1 platform do all the rest in the background.


Thin, square, full page, the platform has all you need to get the attention of your readers and sell the space to your advertisers.


Stay locally relevant and let your readers use the platform to sell their good, and share it through social media.


Use onboarding info and gather data on user preferences to deliver targeted offers that are more likely to convert to a sale.


Send offers or news directly to your readers based on how they interact with your content, time of day, location, or your ads.