Fixed setup fee + $.01 per module


Fixed setup fee + $.01 per module



per user

The content module allows you to deliver, track and engage your readers with your own branded native application.


Polls, Q&A and Reader Comments

Connect with your Social Channels

Extend the story beyond the print





per user

Increase the revenue of your publication through customer interaction with banners, coupon, classifieds, and business pages.

In app banners

Geo Location Offers

Classifieds become a marketplace




per user

Show ROI to your advertiser by augmenting the printed and retail space with geo-located offers, print recognition interaction, iBeacon push notifications at the point of sale and many more ways.

Print Recognition

Audio recognition

Geo Location Fencing

iBeacon Network

Custom development

Do you need to mix and match features?

PASSION 1 is a very flexible platform allowing for some of our clients to use the base features and add on other functionality that is unique to their business needs. Clients such as big / niche publications, brands and internal communications teams all use PASSION 1 in unique and different ways that cater specifically to their business. Contact us and get more information about the custom development possibilities.


What does the set up fee include?

The set up fee includes Customized Mobile Application, Supporting Service, and features of the chosen package. And delivered to the app stores.

What do you consider as an active user?

A Monthly Active User means a user of the application that opens the application as follows: Content module is a user who has at least 4 sessions with at least 4 clicks into a tile of the application each month. Marketplace module is a user who has at least 4 sessions with at least 4 clicks into a notification, banner, or geo-located offer within the application each month.

What is the service level agreement?

You will have an easy access to our technical support. Our team of IT specialists will be available for you to solve any issues and answer on any of your questions proficiently.

Is my logo going to be featured?

Yes, all that you need to do is to provide your logo and let us handle the setup. The Application will be fully customized according to your company’s requirements.

How do we integrate the content?

Manage your custom app from our easy to use backend. Our easy to use backend allows for multi user roles, easy management of content, ads, print, sound, and iBeacon triggers. On-board new users with a few clicks and let us do the training with our certification program available online.

How does my website work with the application?

RSS link to your website will be used by our IT team in order to transfer all the content from your website to the Mobile Application. In the future, newly published content on your website will be automatically uploaded (can take up to 5 min) to your Mobile App.

If my website is not working will the App work?

Yes, the Application will still work. In case you have issues with your website, the Application will show the content that was available during the last time it was refreshed.

How often does the App refresh the content?

The App refreshes the contact automatically every 5 minutes.

What user data is collected?

We are getting information on our readership that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. Our analytics tool will provide you an information about who clicked on the ads, who went into a store through GPS tracking and iBeacon triggers, who interacted with the printed publication using print recognition and even push content to users based on sound recognition.

How does the Free Demo work?

With our fully supported 30-day free trial you can start using the PASSION 1 platform right away. For the first 15 days, we will guide you through the process of understanding how the Platform works and how to use it in the most proficient way in order to get most of the benefits for your business. The last 15 days you will be able to upload your own content, manage it, and see the Mobile App in action.